UK Jewish Film Festival 2020


Digital Event Design | Campaign Design

Software used

Cinema 4D | Octane Render

Created in collaboration with

Creative Interpartners

UK Jewish Film Festival 2020

Launching their first virtual film festival

The UK Jewish Film Festival, is annual event that aims to celebrate the world of Jewish cinema, as well as create awareness about Jewish culture. I worked alongside the team at Creative Interpartners to create the brand and campaign for the 2020 festival. We were keen to capture the breadth of Jewish culture and diversity within it to reflect the many different stories and narratives present at the festival.

Creating an abstract fluid motion graphic to reflect the spectrum of Jewish filmmakers featured at this years fetsival

We decided to embrace the moving image format to create a dyanmic, moving brand identity. Using Cinema 4D with Octane, I created a 3D motion graphic of a rippling, moving surface that would reflect the spectrum of filmmakers and audiences at the festival. These images could work in conjuntion with footage and stills from the films to create engaging campaign images.

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